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Website Audio Features

Audio on your Website With Ease!

Just select the audio you want posted to your website from the list of audios you've recorded, and customize the play button the way you want it. We generate the HTML source code for you that can be copied and pasted into your web page. It's just choose, cut, paste... that's it.

The Most Ways to Record:

  1. Call in Recording Lines

    Call in on one of our dedicated phone numbers, and leave a message. You can even give the number out to your customers and clients for testimonials and feedback to publish or keep for your archives.

  2. The BYOAudio WebRecorder

    Log in to your BYOAudio account and record your Audio with our WebRecorder and a PC Microphone. Any device that has a microphone and flash player enables you to record from anywhere.

  3. Upload your Own Audio

    Upload your own Audio file. We accept all file-types and convert them to web formats to stream online. You can also alter the quality of the audio for slower connections.


BYOAudio has AudioNotes™, pre-designed postcards you can email to friends, family, business associates, prospects, or whomever you like! Each AudioNote carries your message, along with an auto-play audio, and can easily be forwarded to others to facilitate viral marketing.

Auto-play (and Single-play) audios

Have your audios automatically start playing on your webpage when a member comes to your website. The single play audio makes sure each user only hears the audio once.

We Convert your Audio for you!

Don't even bother with converting your files to upload them. We will automatically encode nearly every audio format to specifications you set so they can be streamed hassle-free on the web.

Send Unlimited Audios By Email.

You may include your audios in as many emails as you like, there are no limits. Publishing for emails is simple, just click, cut and paste.

Unlimited web page usage

Place as many audio players on as many web pages as you like. You don't need to know HTML to add your audios to your website. You simply need to be able to cut and paste.

Easy Download Your Recorded Audio Files

Only BYOAudio makes it easy to download and archive your recorded audio files the instant they are recorded. No need to send email, just click and download. Don't be held hostage by services that don't give your access to your own content, or worse, charge you for access to it.

Audios Can Be Heard By Virtually Every Web Visitor.

Virtually every web visitor on the Internet today can hear your Audios. So forget about Audio format optimization... forget about web link optimization... forget about audio player optimization. Relax knowing that we're doing all the work for you.


Assemble several audios into one continuous playlist. You can add any audio in your account to a playlist in the order that you want them played. When saved, the playlist is immediately ready for play and publishing to your website or emails as one single, professionally prepared audio recording.

NEW: Audio Player Theme Builder

Our new player Theme Builder allows even the pickiest designer to fine tune their media player to cater to their site design.